Research Team

This multi-site study will be carried out by two research teams.  

The research team at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) will be led by Dr. Robyn Gershon.  While the research team at New York University (NYU) will be led by Dr. Victoria Raveis.

Dr. Gershon and Dr. Raveis have a long standing collaborative history.  Their joint efforts are informing programs and policies to enhance preparedness and ensure the safety and well-being of diverse groups of individuals at risk for injury due to occupational hazards, terrorism and environmental threats.

In a recent investigation, Dr. Gershon and Dr. Raveis  observed significant deficiencies in preparedness in a sample of community residents living with disabilities, despite a concerted national effort to improve preparedness in this population. A manuscript detailing these findings was published in the American Journal of Disaster Medicine (Gershon, Kraus, Raveis, Sherman and Kailes,Emergency Preparedness in a Sample of Persons with Disabilities.”)

The complementary interdisciplinary research team is highly capable, and has considerable ties to the San Francisco and New York City home care and disaster networks.