The Interview

Before the Interview

You will tell us the best time our researcher can visit you at your home or at a place that you like.

We will set the time for the interview at a time that works for you.  After that, we will send you a consent form.  It will be nice if you can review the consent form before we meet with you.

When we arrive

We will review the consent form together.  If you are still interested in joining this study, we will sign an identical consent form. One form will be for you and the other form will be for us.

The form contains a number you can call in case you are not happy with the study.

We will ask you for your permission to audio record the conversation. If you do not want us to record, we will just take notes. 

If you get tired, we can finish early and come back a second time.

You will be interviewed for about 60 minutes.

At the end of the Interview

You will receive a $25 cash card and a bag with useful supplies for an emergency.